The Nature of Perception – Rupert Spira

“Thought imagines that I, the light of pure Knowing, share the limits and the destiny of the body and mind and, as a result, I seem to become a limited, temporary self. All that is required is to distinguish Myself from the body and mind. It is as simple as distinguishing between a screen and a movie.”

The Poverty Cure By Lw Lawrence

  0:00 the master key the secret of abundance the poverty cure by LW Lawrence poverty 0:08 is as much a disease as pleurisy only the former attacks of mine and the 0:12 latter the body 0:13 you never knew an energetic spirit and pushing man really poor the poor in 0:18 purse are almost […]

How to Change Your Personality by Making New Neuronal Connections

The brain is an amazingly elastic and ever changing organ. It is ever changing…if it needs to be.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Driving the same way to work everyday, eating at the same restaurants the same food etc. Always push your mind to grow. Take different routes to work. Try a different restaurant and different foods. Pick up a weekend class to learn something new and you will continue to develop a world class brain.