Eckhart Tolle: Transcending The Ego

00:00 [Music] 00:04 [Applause] 00:19 welcome first time I see this beautiful 00:23 structure 00:33 I read it’s apparently modeled on 00:37 Chartres Cathedral in France sitting 00:52 here waiting to have some of the stress 00:59 that accumulates in people in this big 01:07 city perhaps some of the stress has 01:10 already dissolved […]

Rupert Spira: The Nature of Consciousness

  Rupert Spira Science and Non-Duality Talk Titignano, Italy 2015 The first thing I want to say, and I’m afraid this is going to be a little disappointing to you, is that we are going to hear and speak a great many words this week about the nature of Consciousness, and not a single one […]

The Nature of Consciousness, Rupert Spira

  This talk was recorded in May, 2015 at the SAND gathering in Italy. All experience appears in, is known by and, ultimately, is made of Consciousness. Therefore, our knowledge of anything is only as good as our knowledge of Consciousness. But who or what has knowledge or experience of Consciousness? Only Consciousness itself. Consciousness […]