Vaccine Damage and Autism Recovery

Vaccine Damage and Autism Recovery   Published on Dec 4, 2015 This is the story of Karolina and her twin girls, Natalie and Amanda, that were neurologically damaged by the DPT vaccine. Through the diligence and care of their wonderful mother Karolina, these girls on on the road to recovery and we’re seeing amazing changes […]

The Poverty Cure By Lw Lawrence

  0:00 the master key the secret of abundance the poverty cure by LW Lawrence poverty 0:08 is as much a disease as pleurisy only the former attacks of mine and the 0:12 latter the body 0:13 you never knew an energetic spirit and pushing man really poor the poor in 0:18 purse are almost […]

Holographic Projections

  QUOTE/POSSIBILITY: “This is holographic projection of a Whale. It is a photographic process that produces images thanks to the differences between two laser beams. These images are projected into a gym using a special camera. There is not a drop of water in this room, let alone a whale …”     Michael Talbot […]

Enhancing Your Perception

Now science is beginning to realize that logical way of approaching things is limiting it cannot take you beyond a certain point it’s a good realization but they made so much investment if the logical that afraid to turn around and say that our do something else because then all that you’re working on may become meaningless…