The Nature of Perception – Rupert Spira


Rupert Spira’s talk at SAND13 Europe

I Have No Name or Form, But Appear as All Names and Forms

Thought imagines that I, the light of pure Knowing, share the limits and the destiny of the body and mind and, as a result, I seem to become a limited, temporary self. All that is required is to distinguish Myself from the body and mind. It is as simple as distinguishing between a screen and a movie. If a movie is considered to be real in its own right, independent of the screen, there is a distinction to be made between the two. Likewise, if the body and mind are considered to be real in their own right, there is a distinction to be made between Myself and them.

However, having discovered Me, pure Knowing, as the ever-present and limitless reality
‘behind’ all changing appearances of the body, mind and world, these appearances themselves can be revisited and discovered to have no real, independently existing reality of their own, just as there is no actual ‘thing’ called an image, independent of the screen. ‘Image’ is simply a temporary name and form of the screen, which is their true reality. The apparently limited body, mind and world are temporary names and forms of My ever-present, unlimited reality.

In other words, having discovered Me as the ever-present and unlimited background of all experience, I am now revealed as its very substance or reality. I, pure Knowing, am not just independent of the body, mind and world, I am intimately one with them; not just transcendent, but immanent. I am not just freedom; I am love.

And now, having discovered Me as the sole reality of all experience, it is no longer necessary or even possible to name Me, for there is nothing left with which to compare Me. As such, I have no name or form but appear as all names and forms.

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