Foods That Heal & Foods That Kill


I can’t thank you enough John. It’s weird that a complete stranger has changed my life so much. A year ago I was a raging alcoholic with blood pressure that hovered around 160/110 even with very strong meds. I often had an irregular heartbeat as well. Fast forward exactly a year and with your guidance I am off meds completely and my blood pressure is now 110/80. In addition I am tackling spondylosis in my T5 without using any NSAID’s. Stretching and exercise along with changing my diet has not only made the arthritis tolerable but it has even moved into the background completely — only on the worst days does it bother me. Even my physician is on board with me now. Turmeric (which I also get fresh), Pineapple, organic nut butters, and Papaya are a mainstay in my house now. After watching this video I have now adopted chia seeds and hemp seeds and I can’t wait to see how I feel in two weeks time after incorporating them into my diet.
I realize now that ‘healthcare’ is mostly driven by profits from medication. When I see drug ads now it literally makes me nauseous.
Thank you for teaching me to not live in fear.
Above all, thank you for changing my life for the better — I am looking forward to reading your book on reversing arthritis.

Charles Shamseldin

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