The Nature of Consciousness, Rupert Spira


This talk was recorded in May, 2015 at the SAND gathering in Italy.

All experience appears in, is known by and, ultimately, is made of Consciousness.

Therefore, our knowledge of anything is only as good as our knowledge of Consciousness.

But who or what has knowledge or experience of Consciousness?

Only Consciousness itself.

Consciousness knows itself as ever-present and without limits, that is, eternal and infinite.

It knows itself in itself, as itself, by itself.

Everything appears in accordance with our understanding of Consciousness.

Thus, to know the true nature of anything — such as the mind, the body or the world — it is first necessary to know the nature of Consciousness itself.

That is why all the great spiritual and philosophical traditions state that in order to know the ultimate reality of the universe, one must first know the nature of oneself.

For this reason, the science of Consciousness is the ultimate science, and it is one that humanity can no longer afford to ignore.

Once we have realized the eternal, infinite nature of Consciousness, all experience — that is, the mind, the body and the world — is discovered to be a modulation or vibration of Consciousness alone.

~ Rupert Spira

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