The Poverty Cure By Lw Lawrence


0:00 the master key the secret of abundance the poverty cure by LW Lawrence poverty
0:08 is as much a disease as pleurisy only the former attacks of mine and the
0:12 latter the body
0:13 you never knew an energetic spirit and pushing man really poor the poor in
0:18 purse are almost invariably poor in mind of course one must include in this
0:23 category people who prefer leading a simple existence with no hankering after
0:27 service motorcars large establishments and a thousand one etc which
0:32 characterize modern life there are many who was a humble cottage in a plan fair
0:36 scarcely have any use for money there wants been so few by poverty I mean a
0:42 state in which men can scarce to get enough to eat or can i pay their way
0:45 they would like going to step higher i should include among those whose
0:49 ambitions rise above their means but i’m not concerned at present this class
0:54 my presentation is to stimulate those who are in want of means to sustain life
0:58 comfortably to show them a way out to revive that hope which once they had an
1:03 abundance but which contact with the world has well-nigh utterly obliterated
1:07 the cure of poverty must be admitted at the outset is no light task but it is
1:13 curable in nearly every case it does not seem to have occurred to people even
1:17 accept a very few that no one need be porn the same about the poor always been
1:23 with it seems to have been taken as an utterance that applied all countries and
1:26 ages and the problem of the unemployed which every civilized nation has to face
1:31 lens color to that idea as a matter of fact if we take nature we see that she’s
1:37 almost want extravagant look at the millions of seeds produced in flowers
1:42 which cannot possibly grow up
1:44 note the myriads of teeny sounds which constitute the spawning fish market
1:49 lavishness and prodigality with which vegetation covers are fair earth and you
1:54 will recognize that there’s nothing mais really are standing about damn nature
1:57 this is really lesson for man if he could see it in the right light and I
2:02 like many writers on the subject of faith and confidence in oneself have
2:06 been endeavoring to the best of my power to scatter broadcast
2:09 during the last few years the conception that no intelligent able being needy in
2:14 dire want one of the objections frequently raised by those opposed to a
2:19 sensible socialism not the view put forward today by socialists is that
2:24 there’s not enough money to go around and it has been a firm that the earth
2:27 could not produce sufficient food to maintain the inhabitants if the numbers
2:31 grew beyond a certain proportion these good people forget that not a tie the
2:36 treasures of the earth have been extracted and that science would have to
2:40 be reckoned with where the question of food supply was concerned I merely
2:44 instances objection because it stands in the way of reform with many people first
2:49 the well-fed moneyed class consider that the state of things is remedial and then
2:54 the poor man imagines that conditions as we know them today are part of the
2:58 natural order of things and that if you are not in poverty somebody else would
3:03 be and that it might as well perhaps be himself who would suffer and so he loses
3:08 whatever gritty has in him and he becomes what many would be inclined to
3:11 call philosophic but which I prefer to designate resigned i trust i have
3:16 effectively remove this barrier and now comes another important one which bars
3:21 the way to plenty the belief that the inability to make money is only given to
3:26 a few people are really clever or that there is a class of people who may be
3:30 termed lucky i think i have shown this volume but there’s no such thing as luck
3:35 or chance we must admit that people different mental as well as physically
3:39 but it is frequently more degrees and kind and it is often the case with those
3:44 who have had a defective bringing up or a scanty education that they are prone
3:48 to exaggerate their weaknesses this exaggeration acts very prejudicially and
3:54 is the root of much of the poverty months the people to cure poverty you
3:58 must believe what is an absolute fact that you are of use in some way that you
4:04 have something in you that the impression of your acquaintances and
4:08 that you are very commonplace person is merely an impression caused by your own
4:13 conduct in turn this impression has reacted on you to you beginning we
4:19 firmly where before you and only suspect
4:21 shun it was showing your conversation stamp itself in your walk your features
4:26 your manner all around you advertise your littleness wherever you go by your
4:31 appearance and civility clinches the unfavorable opinion formed of you buy a
4:35 prospective employer all that is written about should be read and reread till it
4:40 burns into the minds of cure poverty has been revealed to get a better opinion of
4:45 yourself think I notice the most difficult task beset on all poor folk
4:51 had they learn to think they would not have been poor they would rather do
4:55 anything than think many will play that they are not cut out for thinking they
4:59 have had no education Shakespeare hand but did not prevent has become a genius
5:05 few self-made man have had any education and many men highly educated are as
5:11 porous crows we live in the busiest age on record and the hands or brains of
5:16 every human being are urgently needed if you went to an employer of labour and
5:21 told him you got an idea which would save his expenses by a third or increase
5:24 the efficiency of his business
5:26 do you suppose you would not get his ear if you approach them the right attitude
5:29 improvements are capable of being made and everything you can mention once
5:34 you’ve learned to concentrate your mind and think you’ve solved the problem of
5:37 poverty and for this reason you’ve opened up unused and unsuspected avenues
5:42 of thought suggestions that will mean money to you in the long run you have
5:46 the same stuff in you as Milton Goethe Addison but it never occurred you did it
5:51 it only wants rousing bringing it into activity every man is a goldmine to
5:57 himself and instead of letting others exploit him he should explain himself
6:01 it is never too late to begin unless you’ve turned 18 with some men this age
6:05 would not be an interminable barrier with a better opinion of yourself in the
6:10 habit of thinking and controlling your thoughts so as to concentrate them you
6:14 will begin to make plans judgment act that rare virtue will show themselves
6:18 means will come to overcome difficulties and you will come into possession of
6:23 that priceless gem initiative you’ll see the necessity of being thoroughly and
6:28 whatever calling you may take
6:30 up so that an employer can rely upon you once gain the confidence of an employer
6:35 in poverty and you will rarely meet make it a point to know your business from
6:39 top to bottom
6:41 concentrate your mind on your duties willingly with a light heart for you are
6:45 building for the future get into close touch with a very poor people and you’ll
6:49 find that they invariably consider that only people with marketability can get
6:53 on you can have ability just as well as anyone else
6:58 it is not the prerogative of Kings the poorest and the homeless man may
7:02 cultivate it but marquel thinking is the basis of it for buy it you dispel
7:08 ignorance the greatest curse for which mankind suffers today willingness to
7:13 learn is a sign of the successful man and as an ability is gained the other
7:17 dread ally of poverty fear they always go together therefore by destroying the
7:21 one you destroy both will loosen its hold on the heartstrings and hope will
7:26 take up it’s a bullet at this point you should take stock of yourself you will
7:31 now have valuable assets and the next step is to make the most of them are you
7:36 working with system are you utilizing your time well are you getting the best
7:41 and highest out of yourself do not be content until you do whatever plan you
7:47 may have commands given a fair trial too many cases of failure have arisen from
7:51 giving up too soon and not sticking with Bulldog tenacity to the man who set his
7:57 teeth and vows you will go through whatever the cost fate gives way it is a
8:02 well-known fact in psychology that an idea even though devoid of truth a mere
8:06 illusion if held sufficiently long in mind becomes at length to be regarded as
8:11 a truth and knowledge of this law is of incalculable worth to you
8:16 test it now if you are poor applied in your own case banish her time being the
8:21 canker of care the paralyzing effect of worrying . yourself
8:26 probably you have been indulging in luxury of these mental visitors for days
8:30 or weeks so you can afford to dispense with them for 10 or 20 minutes
8:34 I know full well the great sacrifice i’m asking you to make
8:38 for you have an idea that by turning over these worry separately you are
8:42 deriving a species of sympathy which is very comforting you have perhaps poured
8:47 your walls into the ears of friend some willing and others the reverse you have
8:52 afforded the only solace at life holds out just as some people are only happy
8:57 when they’re miserable when you are miserable the state is so infectious
9:01 that your friends avoid you when circumstances permit we are all familiar
9:05 with the class of persons who are always finding fault and picking holes or
9:09 criticizing others are things generally deriving immense satisfaction comfort
9:14 from the discomfort they cause probably have seen no harm this habit of supply
9:20 and sympathy to themselves as a matter of fact their greatest enemy could not
9:25 have inflicted a greater injury upon them what practical good has it done
9:29 them has the habit solve their problem
9:32 what is done in reality is to have weakened their makeup to an incredible
9:36 extent it is literally poison the spring of success it is magnified their
9:41 weakness and their want of self-reliance every time you sympathize with a
9:47 weakness you strengthen that weakness and render yourself less capable you
9:51 paralyzed sources of action destroy initiative prevent the inception of new
9:56 ideas and clog the mental machinery the one factor which is to lift you out of
10:01 the slug of poverty it deepens within you the feeling that you are hardly
10:06 dealt with that other folks our help and our lucky while everything goes wrong
10:10 with you i know the feeling which is better understood than expressed get
10:16 among the unemployed and they will tell you how by a bad trick another fellow
10:19 man did them out of a job or how chap who can’t do is work a patch as well as
10:23 you can has been regular work for years
10:26 cease whining see sending the men who have kept their places I’ve had some
10:32 qualifications for they’re not much room for sentiment favoritism and business
10:36 the man who holds a post because he is in with the foreman or an official is on
10:42 very insecure ground for changes are frequent and removal form and may be
10:46 followed by the dismissal of the incompetent .
10:50 if he does not hold his position however it is no affair of the other fellow
10:54 every man is concerned with himself alone it is his business to see that he
11:00 is thoroughly fishing whatever is calling maybe quick diligent reliable
11:04 ready to be shown her to learn such a manage certain of regular employment he
11:09 can employ himself in fact for as soon as a man’s confidence himself he is fit
11:13 to be as an employer each time an unkind mean angry thought passes through your
11:19 brain
11:19 each time you criticize others passed judgment on them discuss their feelings
11:24 with others you are nursing the poverty happen for this reason poverty is a
11:29 conditional in harmony prosperity is a condition of harmony all criticism etc
11:36 creates in harmony and it in harmony cannot exist in the mind at the same
11:39 time one inevitable neutralizes the other in harmony antagonizes and the
11:46 antagonism being destructive in its character mental force which is only
11:51 generated in sufficient quantity to meet the demands upon by the body and the
11:55 mind is wasted this waste of energy might be turned into another channel and
12:01 produce force which would enable problems be solved and the idea is
12:05 carried to completion further than this the entertaining of such thoughts cause
12:10 physical changes in cell tissue manufacturing by some of those marvelous
12:14 process of chemistry poisons which break down the health and no one who’s poor
12:20 can afford to dispense with good health men who are in poverty and regs do not
12:25 trust themselves or they would never have been in poverty they have placed
12:29 their trust in other people hoping that they would make it alright if they did
12:34 not then fee rushed in and away went there hope following hot pursuit by
12:38 self-respect
12:39 I do not care how low down a man maybe where he may be placed however sorted
12:45 however apparently hopeless his position he can remedy it but the Cure must begin
12:50 by trusting himself he has the same force the same powers of the back to his
12:55 mind is all of us all that is needed is to use them
12:59 and the thing can only be used by bringing it in daily life by idealized
13:04 surrounding and the daily life is outlined above you are insensible that
13:08 away from poverty and it’s inevitable degrade and surrounding an actual new
13:14 life is lived and in casting awfully influence of the old the mind takes on
13:18 new aspects hope and trust are born into the nature and ambition and
13:23 determination are not far behind
13:26 there will be the belief that circumstances are beginning to change
13:30 poverty and doubt pulldown hope rises no one wants to engage a man sodden with
13:37 the quality of misery or pen lessness it would get on the nerves of many of an
13:41 employer and when the staff was reduced the man stand with these qualities would
13:45 be the first to go amount of this type never does good work he has no heart
13:51 therefore his workers more or less mechanical and this is soon noticed we
13:56 cannot expect employers to be philanthropist often they are driven on
14:00 by a scourge of competition and cannot help themselves a bright face is often
14:05 quite as much a tonic to them as it is to others and brightness often goes
14:09 hand-in-hand with intelligence and interesting ones work a bright
14:13 disposition often brings about it alert State of Mind frequently leading to keen
14:18 observation and inventions are frequently made by working with this
14:21 time bright intelligence also often leads to smartness of movements
14:26 dexterity zones calling and the quick i have the employer who is always
14:30 surrounded by the clock watchers installers soon to Texas stuff of man is
14:34 made of when an employee really began to take an interest in his work then he is
14:40 in the right path but it does not necessarily follow that a man in poverty
14:44 need be an employee if you will faithfully follow the instructions given
14:48 in this volume he may devise means by which you will free himself from his
14:53 crap environment not a quarter of the inventions possible having
14:57 vented not a tie the riches of the earth have been suspected not a thousand part
15:03 of the possibilities of existence has been touched up to the present and all
15:07 these possibilities are open to you but you must think when an idea comes along
15:13 do not dismiss it as wild and probable but try and make it as clear as you
15:17 would the idea of a house you would like to live in when professor Morris offered
15:23 to sell as telegraph apparatus to the American government in 1845 four hundred
15:28 thousand dollars the offer was refused today the more system is capitalized for
15:33222 million dollars professor alexander graham bell offered to sell his
15:39 telephone patents to the western union telegraph company for sixty thousand
15:43 dollars but the officer the company said that was only a toy had no commercial
15:47 value this same Toya according to the annual report of AT&T just issued earned
15:53 a hundred sixty million dollars last year and is now more than 5 million
15:57 telephones and use throughout the country of course I do not imagine that
16:01 you will initiate a colossal scheme like the first two although any man who is
16:05 not a congenital idiot may become a genius if you wish but this illustrates
16:10 the idea I’m endeavoring to make playing that provided we are fair to ourselves
16:14 and try to develop more what is in us we are certain to enlarge our mind or
16:19 expand our consciousness many and many a man fails to improve its surrounding
16:25 threw lightly casting aside an idea which only needed a little bit more
16:29 maturing a little more hatching to blossom into a really good thing it is
16:34 not education we lack we have too much what goes under that name and the fact
16:39 that the vast majority wealthy men were never conspicuous for their learning
16:43 enforces the assertion but a lifting or a shifting of our conception a different
16:48 standard of value of ourselves and once that different attitude towards
16:52 ourselves adapted the way is comparatively smooth i hit may be
16:57 gleaned from the case cited above don’t get in a rut all poverty-stricken men
17:02 travel in them don’t do a thing in the way your forefathers did it if it can be
17:07 done in a better
17:08 owner always be on the lookout for improvement and cultivate the habit of
17:12 observation a Russian proverb says he goes through the forest and sees no
17:18 firewood but the cultivation of concentration and observation the which
17:22 will be sharpened and the mind more alert quick to take advantage of an
17:27 opportunity quick tapri hand and the best eight that indispensable
17:31 qualification Alex success executive ability cut yourself off from your
17:37 newspapers for a time that is unless you can discriminate there’s a large number
17:42 of daily newspapers published in the country sunday paper some of them
17:46 printed on cheap paper and news to match analyze any of them and it will be seen
17:50 that they consist for the greater part of full reports of every crime committed
17:54 in the United States and the bulk of the cases occurring another part of the
17:58 world the most sordid details the most abject pitiful sickening disgusting
18:03 items are given as fully as a lot of the land will permit the shady poverty
18:09 sodden side of humanity with alt weaknesses its vice its wickedness its
18:13 meanest craftiness is set forth with such a super abundance of newness and
18:18 not only could a criminal career be learned by it could even induce many
18:22 weak-minded people to emulate the men figuring in them revolting incidents
18:27 from the divorce court the hashing of trickery into Canada of the world in a
18:31 word anything and everything which will not only depress but will drag the mind
18:35 down are to be found in the record specimen of the gutter press following
18:40 in the filth is it any wonder that a man’s taste become two botched that he
18:44 loses an interest in good literature or that he keeps his party change about him
18:49 never mind being out of date with your news for a few weeks or months when a
18:53 crab is going to cast shell it hides in a crevice where can I undisturbed until
18:58 the new shell has taken the place of the old one when it can once more going
19:01 forth so with a man who would count stuff is all mind while the shedding
19:06 process is going on
19:08 let him feed his mind the best food obtainable good literature is plentiful
19:11 and cheap enough in all conscience but I would advocate dispensing with cheap
19:16 newspapers in the ordinary sense
19:18 or read only the best with comments and the world’s happen or thoughts the daily
19:23 paper has got to be looked upon as a sort of necessity by some people and
19:27 it’s a good sign when the proceeds from a keen interest in one country or
19:30 progress of mankind but even this can stand aside for a short time as can the
19:36 religious press for much the same reason they all tend to weaken the optimistic
19:40 faculty and man naturally man is a bundle of hope but as one after another
19:45 is dampened by wet blankets hope begins to give out then indifference misery and
19:51 filing hopeless and sets in from which the grave kindly rescues many the
19:56 sensational a sentimental drama the sickly poetry are two other aspects
20:01 which contribute to this weekend process they hold before the Iowa dramatic force
20:06 the conflicting emotions with surge in human breast its passions its foibles as
20:11 well as noble impulses and while it may be a veritable mirror of life it is not
20:16 what many would have it is a fresh probing of wounds some songs with fan
20:21 heal an awakening of sad memories only refer to bury forever and ever recurring
20:26 remainder of the dark side of existence what they would cash from them forever
20:31 when we read heart rendering accounts of misery see plays . with grief we discuss
20:38 them with friends or if we keep salad respecting them someone discuss them
20:42 with us so we keep alive within us and seer into are very soul
20:47 the pains from which we have struggled to free ourselves in conclusion the cure
20:51 of poverty is the result of real growth mental and emotional the nature which is
20:57 poor and love and sympathy in goodwill belief in itself and is inherent power
21:02 is poor and pocket to stent and stunts the nature is to stand stunt the
21:07 money-making possibility if you feed on poverty thoughts there is no use for
21:13 money it could not be appreciated and however much might be obtained it would
21:18 do no good but would dwindle away many are familiar with the old saw a fool and
21:24 his money are soon parted
21:25 most of us have known cases were very poor people
21:29 accustomed to live from hand to mouth have come into money have soon been in
21:33 the same plant the proper use of money can only come to those who have evolved
21:37 to a point where they can use it intelligently money can never make
21:41 brains in a man but brains can make money and all the wealth of the world is
21:46 the result of brains a lump of gold will not have any value we’re not for the
21:51 brains which first enable to be wrought into something corner jewelry the most
21:56 precious substance in the universe today radium would not have been a penny a ton
22:00 a century go because brands not discovered any use for it and the same
22:04 thing applies to everything evolved yourself and make yourself of use
22:09 there is a need for you and you fill a position which only you can film it may
22:13 take you some time but what you gain is yours for all time the enrichment of
22:18 character means that new layers of yourself have been reached and
22:22 everything brought in a manifestation must express itself or in other words
22:26 must act so that the added growth will open up opportunities you cannot foresee
22:30 a present and poverty will no longer offer front as like attracts like
22:37 so the poverty mind attracts poverty and so long as the mind remains of that type
22:42 so long must poverty be expressed in the environment a locomotive made to run
22:47 along steel rails does the thing for which was made it cannot fly in the air
22:52 travel in the water o’clock fulfills its functions by indicating time but no one
22:58 would expect it to record changes in the atmosphere so with mental states it is
23:03 no use having ideals if the mind is not reach these levels where the ideas can
23:07 be used the mind that would have comfortable circumstances must always
23:13 keep a higher level because by doing within the screen would find the without
23:18 inadequate or not corresponding so that without would follow within or a simple
23:25 illustration be the pouring of a jelly into a mold if the motor was shapen or
23:30 plane so with the shape of the jelly if the mold were artistic or beautiful the
23:35 jelly would have the pattern itself likewise
23:38 when you grow a mine in which deficiency or plenty is the dominant on in which an
23:45 ocean of poverty would appear so grotesque so foreign to your nature is
23:49 to be unthinkable
23:51 then you have created a mold in the substance which will fill it your
23:55 circumstance or environment must follow that pattern truth gives rise to truth a
24:01 library july a rose producer role is not a thistle and good thoughts cannot
24:07 produce bad action everything fulfills a lot of its being an effect must be like
24:13 its cause
24:14 so thoughts of prosperity by having faith in yourself and you cannot read
24:19 anything but prosperity but the thoughts must ever be of this type to think now
24:25 of poverty and then of prosperity will only yield in different results for one
24:30 neutralizes the other as i have shown more than watching this but reflect well
24:34 over this truth poverty will not pass away until you create something better
24:38 to take its place and every man can create this something better take
24:44 courage go in and win 12 affirmations for the elimination of poverty the
24:51 following sentences will if repeated with understanding daily bring about the
24:56 change in consciousness which will eradicate completely doubt in the
25:00 poverty habit the weakest man living has the powers of concentration folded
25:06 within his organization and they will remain fold until he learns to believe
25:10 in the existence and then tries to develop them to prepare for the life of
25:16 opulence absolutely full of power that draws wealth I must stand by the person
25:21 I am I must uphold my aim by believing in myself and never slackened one link
25:28 of the good opinion i have formed of it also know each outreach of ice old bears
25:33 deep the seal of cosmic impulse yawns the thing hard hungry every fiber
25:39 thrills to reach have thought the down the ages hungry and to you will never
25:45 reach the place where you have all you want to spend
25:48 except by commanding yourself to spend and to want to spend less than your
25:54 income whatever that may happen to you for having all you want to spend is a
25:58 state of mind not a matter of hundreds thousands or millions of dollars income
26:04 it is literally true that you are what you think and when you think therefore
26:09 think about the nozzle every man gets just as much goal of the world as you
26:15 put into it all things are thought made every man must think is on golden to
26:21 beam to him who believes he can everything is an opportunity depend only
26:27 upon yourself believe in yourself but work in harmony with all things thus you
26:33 call forth the best that is in yourself and secure the best that external
26:37 sources have to give the destruction of the poor is their poverty the soul
26:43 instinctively and rightfully repels the idea of skin penis like the world wind
26:49 and the water spot I twist my environment into my form whether it will
26:53 or not
26:54 success from the most material to the most transcendental idea combines its
27:00 power into a triad desire expectation and preparation as a man believes so is
27:08 he even desultory thinking is creative and brings results premeditated and
27:14 orderly thinking for purpose matures that purpose into a fixed form so that
27:18 you may be absolutely sure the result of your dynamic experiment
27:23 end of chapter

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