How to Change Your Personality by Making New Neuronal Connections

I recommend the video below, but uploaded an audio-only track for people who want to save on their bandwidth:



The brain is an amazingly elastic and ever changing organ. It is ever changing…if it needs to be.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Driving the same way to work everyday, eating at the same restaurants the same food etc. Always push your mind to grow. Take different routes to work. Try a different restaurant and different foods. Pick up a weekend class to learn something new and you will continue to develop a world class brain.

You live in the past when you memorize emotions!

In order for you to really feel in the moment you must truly let go!!

You are a prisoner of your memory!!

You need to be the observer you are not just a programmed person!!

The dendrites or nerves re grow due to stimulus.

You are the one who is in charge of your emotions- do not be a slave to your past!!!!!

Reactions have to do with memory- and your memory is the PAST!!
If you do not judge than you will move on easier.

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