Enhancing Your Perception



0:00 but if you just use the right inlet it
0:03 goes it’s because people do not make the
0:08 necessary effort to find which way they
0:11 want to go the way they know it looks
0:14 impossible it is like your writing a
0:18 bullock-cart what you want to go to the
0:20 moon somebody gives you a horsewhip and
0:24 tells you really with the boots you’ll
0:26 get there you won’t get the reason why
0:31 it’s become so difficulties because too
0:34 much nonsense has been spoken about if
0:37 nobody had said anything about it
0:39 many people were found their way too
0:42 much nonsense has been said about it and
0:45 a whole lot of confusion created people
0:49 have read written too many things about
0:52 it without knowing what it is people
0:55 have said too many things about it
0:57 without having a clue what they’re
0:58 talking about which has left people
1:01 absolutely confused at least if people
1:08 shut up human intelligence is capable of
1:12 nervous because if you have an
1:14 uncluttered intelligence if a human
1:18 being grows up with an uncluttered
1:19 intelligence nice and flattered if your
1:23 intelligence functions without being
1:25 identified with anything in particular
1:27 then knowing the inner dimension becomes
1:31 a natural process right now that
1:34 possibility has been taken away because
1:36 right from day one the parents are
1:38 working hard to get the children
1:41 identified with their family and their
1:43 stupid values and whatever the teachers
1:46 are working super-hard your confidential
1:50 I’m supposed to be series
1:53 and a certain day boom straight into the
2:01 forest is so logically and passionately
2:05 when grading reading inside inside
2:07 inside he went deep into the forest a
2:10 few days and weeks living there he grew
2:12 fat food and no work then a whole line
2:17 was well beyond his prime was having
2:20 difficulty hunting there while animal
2:24 saw this fact borne easier to start
2:28 killable in a deer know so he looked for
2:32 his time and then pounced on him and
2:35 killed him and he marked his stomach
2:38 became real full and with great
2:42 satisfaction he roll a few hunters were
2:46 passing that way they heard the room
2:48 track down the line and charging get the
2:52 model of the stories when you’re so full
2:55 of bull
2:56 you should not open your mouth but all
3:01 the time these people are opening their
3:02 mouth if they all set up for some time
3:05 it will be very natural that every human
3:08 being too long to know right now they’re
3:12 just destroying that by giving a
3:13 ready-made solutions and all kinds of
3:15 nonsense to believe in it is very
3:19 natural for the intelligence to profit
3:21 everything isn’t it and how can you
3:23 ignore yourself your ignore yourself
3:27 because they always made you look up
3:30 there at some God that they themselves
3:32 are not seen because of this
3:35 enlightenment has been transported or
3:38 exported to heaven and wise it’s simple
3:43 it’s the most obvious when
3:50 you were a virgin so when Krishna went
3:57 on talking truth i do not sit while the
4:00 hell is this true that you’re talking
4:02 about
4:03 where is it because if I ask you is it
4:06 here you turn on if I ask you is it
4:08 there you send up another time if I
4:10 asked me to hear you say yes if I ask
4:12 you sit there you say yes
4:14 what is this nonsense there is it tell
4:17 me whether they’ll get in the water you
4:19 know the professional laughed and said
4:23 the ultimate truth about life is the tip
4:27 of your nose
4:28 now there are many schools of yoga or
4:34 intensely focusing on the tips of their
4:36 notice you try focusing on the tip of
4:38 your nose
4:39 within two minutes you’ll get a headache
4:40 will not get enlightened so all he’s
4:44 saying is it’s the most obvious problem
4:47 is it’s here that your senses are set
4:49 there you just need a little bit of
4:54 turning of our that’s it
5:05 I
5:08 under anything i would say many being
5:20 called but few choose you choose to
5:26 really come is not fewer chosen just a
5:30 few choose to take the step people ask
5:34 me how many steps just say I tell them
5:37 to take one step and there is only last
5:40 you have taken a million steps out work
5:44 just one step in word that’s all it
5:46 takes
5:47 but you can’t take a step in world like
5:51 this you have to turn around and take it
5:53 but you’re not willing to turn around
5:55 because you made investments on the
5:56 outside it is not that if you turn in
5:59 turn turn inward you lose the outside it
6:02 is not so it is an uncalled-for fear and
6:05 once again this year has been nourished
6:07 by all kinds of misinterpretations of
6:09 spirituality people have always told me
6:12 if you stand spiritual you will leave
6:14 everything and go away if you turn
6:16 spiritual you’re a resident has to be
6:19 named on in came along with our audience
6:21 it cannot be in Bombay is an inward step
6:26 has nothing to do with him is our mobile
6:30 he’s got nothing to do
6:33 mumbai and Himalayas is a choice of
6:36 residents that’s all that’s an awkward
6:38 thing is nothing to do with your
6:39 spirituality at all you like to live in
6:42 the mountains fine it’s up to you
6:45 it hasn’t said one day Jacinda said one
6:47 you like to live in buying it has its
6:50 advantages and disadvantages sending it
6:53 is just that for a long time all those
6:55 people who wanted to because there was
6:57 no process of diverse in India lot of
7:00 people chose spirituality as a way to
7:02 leave their family
7:07 because there was no horrible way of
7:09 leaving your family unless you set i’m
7:13 going to split so it’s an excuse that a
7:16 lot of people have used for a very long
7:19 time I don’t think that you need an
7:22 excuse to you don’t find buy it
7:28 you have never seen you inside
7:31 what you are right now calling is inside
7:33 is your mind your mind is not inside
7:36 your mind is this society’s garbage bin
7:38 isn’t everything in your mind you picked
7:42 up from outside everything that is in
7:44 your mind is just what you’ve been
7:46 exposed to present itself isn’t it’s one
7:51 so your mind is not inside your mind is
7:54 outside we really do sound processing
7:59 starting to work
8:02 yes so you have no choice about what you
8:05 takin you have tries about what you make
8:07 yourself and what you don’t
8:09 this but even that choice is not really
8:11 a choice because that choice is also set
8:14 up by something else that gone in
8:15 earlier so you really have no choice
8:19 about everything the content of your
8:22 head and the content of your body
8:24 both were collected from outside isn’t
8:26 it you understand what I’m saying this
8:29 body you slowly accumulated how just
8:32 breathing food isn’t it the content of
8:35 your mind also you accumulated just by
8:37 your exposure and the impressions of
8:38 what interests you through the five
8:40 agencies and these five agencies that
8:44 you’re using to collect the impressions
8:47 of life around
8:48 they are not reliable top when I say
8:52 they’re not reliable one thing is people
8:56 have always told you seeing is believing
8:58 thing is not believing you know what
9:01 everybody sees what they want to see is
9:03 it does everybody see the same thing
9:06 know everybody sees what they want to
9:09 see everybody does not see what’s there
9:11 and going more fundamentally to the very
9:14 process of vision itself even that’s not
9:18 reliable
9:18 why is this so that even something so
9:23 fundamental is course
9:24 double ease sense organs were opened
9:28 only to serve survival there sufficient
9:33 instruments of survival but if you’re
9:36 seeking something beyond survival now
9:38 you’re talking enlightenment which is
9:40 not a survival process once you’re
9:42 looking at something beyond the Bible
9:44 then sense organs are not good
9:47 you have to have another dimension of
9:49 perception so the whole process of
9:52 spirituality is just about enhancing
9:56 your perception unfortunately if i use
9:59 the word spirituality people think
10:00 they’ll abdul-rahman will sit in the
10:02 temple on the church and mosque or they
10:05 have to give up their food or their
10:06 behavior of their clothing or something
10:09 it’s not about that it’s about enhancing
10:12 your perception the only way to know by
10:16 enhancing is by enhancing your
10:17 perception everything else is just
10:19 belief isn’t it and what you believe is
10:24 immaterial because if you work hard
10:26 enough on you we can make you believe
10:27 any dancing we know that variable we
10:31 just have to work hard enough on you
10:33 we can make you believe the weirdest of
10:36 things in the world if we work upon your
10:38 right from your childhood
10:39 isn’t it something i want you seen
10:43 enough of life for them
10:44 you’re not that quick so what you
10:48 believe whatever it may be is of no
10:51 existen chill well it may have social
10:54 when you talk about enlightenment you’re
10:57 not talking about social or personal
11:00 dimension of life you’re talking about
11:02 an existential dimension of life if you
11:06 have to be open if you have to know life
11:09 can exist n shal way the only ways to
11:12 enhance your perception not by thinking
11:14 it up not by philosophizing not by
11:17 discussion not by believing only with
11:20 enhanced perception can you recieve life
11:22 you know life there is no other way to
11:24 no life so enlightenment means a
11:31 heightened level of perception in an
11:33 ultimate way if your perception is full
11:36 on
11:37 you receive everything that can be
11:39 received in your life in its totality we
11:42 would call it in light now that you
11:44 asked how does it feel to be trying to
11:48 work around that fundamentally it would
11:56 technically i would say enlightenment
12:00 would be like this if you sit here
12:02 your body’s here your mind is out there
12:06 what is me is always away from these two
12:09 things you can use the body you can use
12:11 the mind but what is you is always a
12:14 little away from these two things if you
12:18 look at last experience the biggest
12:21 limitation upon you right now is your
12:24 body in your mind but the only two
12:27 possibilities in your life are also your
12:29 body and mind
12:30 yes the only possibility to exist here
12:33 is just your body and your mind at the
12:36 same time the biggest limitations upon
12:38 your also your body and mind isn’t it
12:40 the source of all suffering that any
12:44 human being no easiest body and mind
12:47 isn’t it so that any other something all
12:52 the mat this all the suffering in the
12:54 existence all the human suffering on the
12:56 planet the manufacturing unit is in your
12:59 mind isn’t it took if you have a little
13:03 distance from this body and mind now
13:08 once you have a clear experience that
13:10 you’re free from suffering
13:12 once there is no fear of suffering how
13:16 would you live every step to that to
13:20 take right now is half a step because
13:23 there is a fear of what will happen to
13:24 me what will happen to me what would
13:26 happen to me if you carefully observe
13:28 your life I would say what a majority of
13:33 the population at least ninety percent
13:34 of their life is dedicated to their
13:36 security their life the steps that
13:39 they’re taking their life are not being
13:41 taken in search of joyful our freedom or
13:44 anything
13:44 it is always in search of security isn’t
13:47 it yes when you’re constantly in pursuit
13:52 of security
13:54 what you’re doing is you’re in pursuit
13:56 of death because life is never secure it
14:01 doesn’t matter what you do how much
14:02 insurance you have how much bank balance
14:04 you have how many thousand people you
14:06 have around you tomorrow morning it just
14:08 all that
14:09 yes you’re not wishing it but it can
14:14 happen isn’t happening to so many people
14:16 it can happen to you or me tomorrow
14:18 morning isn’t so as long as your
14:22 physical body if as long as your life
14:25 and the experience of life is limited
14:27 only to the physical and the mental
14:29 living with fear and being constantly
14:32 sexual security oriented is unavoidable
14:36 it’s inevitable
14:37 that’s the only way you can live so if
14:39 your experience of life transcend the
14:41 limitations of the physical now physical
14:45 and mental are there in your life but
14:47 you are never a part of it you can use
14:50 it you can enjoy it but you never become
14:52 that if this freedom is attained can you
14:56 imagine how you would look Andrew life
14:59 isn’t it you can play with life anywhere
15:01 you want but life cannot leave a single
15:04 scratch upon you that a good description
15:08 of enlightened is it what why
15:12 not like we’re going like that that
15:21 people don’t know giving and receiving
15:25 everything by I people somebody gets
15:33 back what they are listen listen you
15:42 should ask people around me whether I
15:46 love them are my involvement with them
15:48 is smaller less than anything that they
15:50 are not in their life at anybody
15:52 thousands of people are very deeply
15:55 passionately involved if you’re free
15:59 from suffering if you have if you’re
16:00 free from the fear of suffering would
16:03 you hesitate to involve yourself in life
16:06 why would you throw yourself into life
16:07 right now you’re hesitating right now
16:10 most of you made like this is somebody
16:12 suddenly smiles at you on the street you
16:14 hesitate by this man smiling at me
16:16 because you’re afraid what would be the
16:19 consequence of that fundamentally are
16:21 afraid tomorrow it may hurt me tomorrow
16:22 something else may happen to me out of
16:24 this isn’t it
16:25 so you’re constantly hesitating to
16:28 involve yourself with life simply
16:31 because of fear of suffering if fear of
16:33 suffering is taken away you could give
16:35 yourself absolutely to everything around
16:37 you isn’t it
16:38 so this way would you love more or less
16:40 and less you love more or less
16:47 but not so i can only speak logically to
16:51 that they want me to speak another
16:55 language which is not logical
16:57 let’s do a lot for the article
17:08 logic means to carry on any kind of
17:16 logic you need to you need you and me to
17:19 have a logical speech when you say
17:23 enlightenment you’re talking about one
17:25 now the modern science is a logical
17:29 development but today
17:32 physics is reached a point where it’s no
17:34 more logical because the scientists have
17:39 made too much investment in logic and
17:41 they’re unwilling to admit that they’re
17:42 turning illogical they’re giving the
17:45 name fuzzy logic to their logical
17:47 nonsense
17:48 they’re afraid to admit that their
17:51 logical ways have no further scope to
17:55 pursue science that’s the reason these
17:59 kind of words have been kind if your
18:01 fuzzy how can you be illogical tell to
18:06 be logical you must be like a knife
18:07 isn’t the top
18:08 yes or no if you want to be logical you
18:12 must be like a knife cutting everything
18:13 into pieces if your fuzzy have a little
18:16 article so fuzzy logic itself is lunch
18:19 attended the very terminology logic so
18:25 right now science is beginning to
18:27 realize that logical way of approaching
18:31 things is limiting it cannot take you
18:34 beyond a certain point it’s a good
18:36 realization but their meat so much
18:39 investment if the logical that afraid to
18:42 turn around and say that our do
18:44 something else because then all that
18:47 you’re working on may become meaningless
18:49 like you’re saying it may become my own
18:51 so you fit is Maya what’s your problem
18:54 seeing that I’m not set this book is not
18:56 my state I am saying in truth if suppose
18:59 person next to you is just a bubble of
19:01 air
19:02 what is your problem in seeing it that
19:04 way because you made an investment isn’t
19:07 it
19:07 if you’re a Western interest you
19:11 shouldn’t talk about in life
19:12 if you’re a seeker wanting to know what
19:17 is true only then you should talk about
19:18 now if you’re telling me even if this
19:21 person is just above where i would like
19:23 to think he’s made of gold then and I’m
19:27 fine with you and finally there’s a
19:31 friend but I won’t talk enlightenment
19:33 you because you have no intention like
19:35 that you have no intention of seeing
19:38 like just wait it’s why are we afraid of
19:42 seeing life the way these you think the
19:45 way creation is is not as good as the
19:50 way you have imagined it
19:51 that’s the foolish idea because you are
19:54 just a piece of creation whatever you
19:57 are imagining about life the way
20:00 creation is must be far more beautiful
20:01 than the way you’re imagining it isn’t
20:03 it because you are just a tiny speck of
20:05 creation if you can think of so much
20:08 what created you must be much much more
20:12 isn’t it so it is logical to see that
20:15 way my mind factor sure makes the great
20:22 capacity providers and they’re all
20:25 extrapolating from that my email could
20:29 there be a game and the world the world
20:32 of creation by
20:33 and that that’s why one not about now
20:42 you need to understand this only the
20:45 fundamentals of life were created by
20:49 whatever you record was to create the
20:51 rest of it is your creation if you have
20:53 a demented mind that is definitely our
20:56 creation you already told me that no
20:59 matter what information gets into me I
21:01 still have a choice of processing it the
21:02 way I want
21:03 so right now if it is processed itself
21:06 to a corner where it’s become violent
21:08 whose creation is this whose creation is
21:12 this is your creation isn’t it it’s got
21:16 nothing to do with the Creator assets
21:18 whatever the existence right now around
21:23 whatever you have seen whatever created
21:28 this is it far beyond your intelligence
21:31 and imagination
21:32 this is it well beyond it even a single
21:37 atom is it will be on your perception
21:39 and understanding and intelligence right
21:41 now is someone so such a magnificient
21:46 creation that you can’t even understand
21:49 a tiny bit of it properly
21:51 could it be wrong is right and wrong is
21:56 your idea isn’t the only right thing to
21:59 do is to be in tune with the existence
22:02 and the creation isn’t now you are not
22:06 living in the world you’re not a living
22:09 being
22:09 because ninety-five percent of the time
22:11 you’re only thinking about life you’re
22:14 not living life whatever you’re thinking
22:16 you’re beginning to believe his life
22:19 unfortunately what you think is not his
22:21 life not life what you think has nothing
22:24 to do with life
22:25 you can think whatever you wish to but
22:27 it has nothing to do with life as such
22:30 what
22:31 by which you block this kind of
22:34 extracting Hispanics I told you they
22:36 were very simple and physical nothing
22:39 spiritual about it but what you need to
22:42 understand these if something larger has
22:46 to happen it’s very important that the
22:50 right now what you consider as myself is
22:52 just this war elements your physical
22:54 body your mind your emotion and the life
22:57 energy which makes things happen
22:59 these are the four confidence which you
23:01 call as myself isn’t if you want
23:05 something bigger to happen you must put
23:08 these four things in proper alignment so
23:12 all yoga is structured and designed to
23:15 put this ball dimensions in absolute
23:17 alignment so these four dimensions of
23:22 body mind emotions and energy means head
23:26 heart hands and energy is there anybody
23:30 here with only head not hard not hand
23:33 not energy you’re a combination of these
23:36 four things isn’t it
23:37 so you need this for basic yoga there
23:39 only for your guests they are known as
23:42 non yoga not the yoga cut me open 309
23:46 means if you employ your intelligence to
23:49 reach your ultimate nature it’s called
23:51 manual if you employ a motion to reach
23:54 your ultimate nature we call it back to
23:55 you if you employ your body to reach
23:58 your ultimate nature of action we call
24:00 it karma yoga if you transform your
24:02 inner energies and reach your ultimate
24:03 nature it’s called Creole is only four
24:07 ways but which one selected that is not
24:09 a choice because you are a combination
24:11 of all these for you have to employ them
24:14 in right proportion
24:16 now in this person the head may be
24:18 dominant in that person the heart may be
24:20 dominant in that person the body may be
24:22 dominant
24:23 accordingly I right mixture has to be
24:25 done otherwise it won’t happen is a very
24:28 beautiful story in the yogurt law your
24:30 care for storms on a certain day for men
24:34 were walking in
24:36 first one is an annual and others about
24:40 the movie another the cry of the
24:42 undercut meal usually these four people
24:45 can never be together because they can’t
24:47 stand each other
24:48 have not you will you implying his
24:52 intelligence things has cleared disdain
24:55 for everybody he thinks everybody’s
24:58 after food especially this but the
25:00 people are looking up and saying around
25:01 he can’t stand them at all
25:04 yes so but the people they have sympathy
25:11 for everyone when God is here instead of
25:14 just holding his hand and walking all
25:16 this help putting a nonsense
25:18 this your guy standing on your head
25:20 holding your breath twisting your body
25:21 just utter nonsense just called for
25:25 God’s help and it will happen at my yogi
25:29 things are these idiots are just lazy to
25:33 cover up their laziness they’ve invented
25:35 all this to put yoga’s clearly has
25:39 absolutely been for everybody because I
25:42 throw the whole life is energy if you
25:44 don’t transform the energy where is the
25:46 way this war people can never get along
25:50 together but today they were walking
25:52 together certainly a rain storm broke
25:56 loose
25:57 so they started learning looking for
26:00 shelter because the bhakti-yoga knows
26:03 the geography of temples he said in this
26:06 direction in the forest there’s an
26:08 ancient temple let’s go there and get
26:09 some chatter they are and you know they
26:12 know the geography of temples in the
26:14 country so there and then they found the
26:19 temple the temple was in a dilapidated
26:21 condition just the roof and 4 columns
26:24 were there are no walls all gone long
26:27 ago this time became more and more
26:31 severe and started lashing from every
26:33 direction so they went closer and closer
26:35 in the center of the temple there is a
26:37 finger or whatever it is a symbol of
26:40 civil they had no the place to sit to
26:44 escape the storm so they just
26:46 the Lingam and said all four of them not
26:49 out of any now for God or anything just
26:52 to escape the storm suddenly got up here
26:56 in all the four months the immediate
27:00 question was why now
27:02 so much you go with it so much harder
27:05 than I do you did not come just now when
27:09 we just drank his kid the star here you
27:12 are why so God said at last you for
27:15 years got together
27:17 I’ve been waiting for this moment for a
27:19 long time
27:21 this is the biggest problem if this for
27:27 damages are not in alignment nothing bad
27:30 can happen you’re trying to drive your
27:32 car one will point at this way one will
27:34 find it this way you know what torture
27:36 will be that is a torture right now that
27:39 you’ve seen people their mind is this
27:41 way that heart is this way the body
27:42 somewhere else that energy someone else
27:45 how do you expect them to travel smoking
27:47 to any destination for that met your
27:51 girl what we are referenced with inner
27:53 engineering is just to align this war
27:56 winds in such a way that you travel
27:58 smoothly right now you’re doing you’re
28:01 in the direction of healthy doesn’t
28:02 matter once your car is going well you
28:05 can just make a u-turn in no time
28:06 isn’t it but you have this daughter of a
28:09 vehicle with four mins the point in four
28:11 different directions which will you go
28:13 you cannot go anyway you’ll just get
28:17 something and pushed by situations your
28:20 direction is not decided by you your
28:22 direction is decided by the situations
28:24 in which you live
28:25 that is the life of a slave isn’t it
28:35 so much choice to be selfish and not
28:42 everything
28:46 say even the earth one is not thinking
28:55 of being useful term is also great for
28:58 the survival he wants to eat as much as
29:00 you can he wants to reproduce as much as
29:02 you can
29:03 what little he knows he’s very selfish
29:07 yes but his selfishness we are taking at
29:1312 different in some way to our surface
29:15 so all creatures they’re structured in
29:20 such a way they are not thinking of
29:22 serving anybody don’t think the tree
29:23 outside is thinking of giving flowers to
29:26 you it’s just trying to reproduce
29:29 yes it is trying to attract the bees in
29:32 the bush and reproduce it is not trying
29:34 to give flowers to you to do put on your
29:37 puter room where it in your hair or
29:39 smell it and feel wonderful about it it
29:41 is not a concept concerned about you
29:44 it is driving for its survival and
29:45 reproduction is it isn’t it
29:50 you are giving it all kinds of meanings
29:53 in your hand but our life every creature
29:56 a plant-animal in second long he’s only
29:59 striving for its survival but because
30:02 the creation is such that one striving
30:06 for survival eats up another one and
30:09 makes another one survived out of that
30:11 the whole process is a chain and it
30:13 happens you know the food chain and all
30:16 that stuff
30:16 why human life needs so much attention
30:22 is because we’re human beings at once
30:26 maybe having a meeting right now talking
30:28 about their enlightenment to ok but
30:32 their methods won’t work for you because
30:34 we are human society we are sitting here
30:36 and talking about human life so it’s not
30:40 just that we’re paying so much attention
30:42 to our lives they are also being an
30:44 enormous attention to their lives
30:46 they’re not ignoring their lives but
30:49 what is the distinction east animal life
30:54 is still compulsive in your we look at
30:58 life as happening in three different
31:01 dimensions
31:02 this is called ruga manish and they work
31:06 that means animal nature human nature
31:10 and divine image animal nature is
31:12 well-established divine nature is very
31:17 well established what you call as human
31:20 is not established this moment you can
31:23 be godlike next one you can be like a
31:25 root you’re swinging between the two
31:28 sometimes you’re near to this sometimes
31:30 you’re near to that isn’t it
31:32 look at yourself and see in 24 hours
31:35 time how many swings you make this disc
31:39 lamenting wonderful next moment you’re
31:40 nasty next moment you’re beautiful next
31:43 moment you ugly isn’t this happening to
31:44 you
31:45 yes so you’re constantly swinging there
31:50 is no such thing that you can find out
31:53 and say this is your nature
31:55 humanity is a flux they can become
31:59 anything they want
32:00 no other animal has this freedom so this
32:04 life which was in that compartment life
32:08 animal nature has now evolved into your
32:11 status where it is no more restricted it
32:14 can become anything it wants this is the
32:17 freedom but this is what human beings
32:19 are suffering right now what people are
32:22 suffering is not their bondage what
32:23 people are suffering is their freedom
32:25 that’s why it’s so tragic if you’re
32:28 surfing your bondage that is fine but
32:30 your suffering your freedom if your life
32:33 was fixed up like animal nature you
32:34 wouldn’t be suffering so much isn’t it
32:36 for example let’s say 8i his bomb he’s
32:40 not sitting there and planning and
32:42 calculating how to become a good tiger
32:45 just find enough food even bigger model
32:49 type
32:50 yes gobble up as much food as you can
32:54 he will become a good tiger he has no
32:56 such fears and in
32:57 Security’s will I become a tiger or a
33:00 lion episode housecat these kind of
33:02 problems don’t exist for me you’re born
33:05 as a human being to become a good human
33:08 being how many things you have to do and
33:11 still you don’t know after all this you
33:15 still don’t know where you belong
33:16 isn’t it something compared to another
33:18 human being you can say okay but I’m
33:20 better than him but by yourself you do
33:23 not know where you belong because what
33:27 you call it human being is not
33:29 established your left free by nature
33:33 this is a tremendous possibility later
33:36 nature left your free like this
33:38 trusting your intelligence that
33:41 naturally you will see higher not the
33:44 Lord because there is something within
33:47 you which is always trying to seek the
33:50 highest that you know isn’t it
33:52 if you know money you want to be the
33:54 richest man in the world if you know
33:56 power you want to be the most powerful
33:58 man in the world if you are on RT person
34:00 you want to be the most artistic person
34:02 in the world
34:03 whatever you know as life it is very
34:06 natural for you to seek the highest in
34:07 that isn’t it so whatever you expose
34:11 yourself to you want to go there so this
34:15 is a natural urge so this has been put
34:18 into you and you’ve been left me to
34:20 become whatever you want with the trust
34:22 that you will anyway go for the last but
34:25 like tap you won’t be exact going about
34:28 as if they want to disprove that so the
34:34 talk about human enlightenment has risen
34:36 only because of this unstructured of
34:40 life for you if it was very structure as
34:43 it is for every other creature we
34:45 wouldn’t be talking to you about
34:46 enlightenment we will be talking to you
34:47 only about survival and survival and
34:51 survive but now that your life has been
34:55 slightly and structured you can make
34:57 yourself into anything that you wish
34:59 this moment if you are willing you can
35:03 make yourself very joyful and play
35:05 sent this moment if you want you can
35:07 make yourself very unpleasant and
35:09 something else visited some so the
35:12 choice is always there every moment most
35:14 of the time you are not exercising this
35:17 choice because your existing in a
35:20 compulsive way as a reaction to many
35:22 things around you now the whole effort
35:24 what we call a spiritual process of part
35:27 is to transform this compulsive being
35:30 into your conscious being to make every
35:32 aspect of life from A to Z from the
35:35 process of life from the process of
35:37 being born from the process of living
35:40 and debt and choosing the very room that
35:43 your money into your conscious process
35:45 everything life-and-death into your
35:49 conscious blasts that is what spiritual
35:53 apartments

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