Acceptance is not a Practice


0:00 you described very very accurate event situation where there is nothing you’re
0:08 sitting in the car
0:09 there’s nothing for you to do and you become aware of this subtle resistance
0:18 to the current situation where there is no practical need for any resistance so
0:25 the resist you become aware of the resistance and then you become a wet you
0:32 then judge that resistance and you become aware of what is a resistance to
0:38 your resistance which is another layer of resistance
0:42 what is important not to do is to then try to change the second resistance into
0:51 acceptance because that is just changing and it’s a very subtle trick of the ego
0:59 the ego is made out of the first resistance
1:03 I don’t like what is happening it then reinforces itself by saying I don’t like
1:08 the fact that i don’t like what is happening
1:11 yes so the ego is by the ego
1:14 I mean the separate self its it made out of these what is now two resistances
1:20 then when it begins to feel that it is being found out it things okay I better
1:28 change this second resistance into an activity called acceptance
1:33 it’s a little bit more virtuous
1:36 it’s a little bit more spiritual has that this happens of there by subtly and
1:42 in fact not-so-subtly once we have seen it perpetuates itself
1:46 yes so the resistance and acceptance are two ways in which the separate self
1:54 perpetuates itself what we’re talking about is the is the the openness that is
2:06 the essential nature of awareness ourself its nature is to be open empty
2:16 in that sense of awareness we could say is like the space of this room its
2:21 nature is to be empty
2:24 acceptance is not something it practices the space of this room when we all start
2:30 filing in here after dinner
2:32 it doesn’t have to practice allowing each of us it doesn’t say oh I like the
2:37 look of him
2:38 I but I i accept him or I don’t like the look of her i resist there in other
2:43 words the space is not negotiating experience accepting is its nature its
2:49 what it is not what it does
2:52 that’s the important thing to see that that what we essentially our is already
2:58 inherently and perfectly without resistance then once once we see that we
3:08 we stand as that we know ourselves as that then the mind is just left to do
3:17 whatever it is doing whether it’s resisting whether it’s accepting but
3:21 whatever it’s doing but it is no longer supported by our investment in it and
3:27 therefore in time without that support it comes naturally to an end
3:32 yes
3:37 the essential thing is to see that this acceptance is what we are not what we do
3:49 yes very important yes i would also say that when you were talking of the of the
4:01 the whole landscape when they’re there was nothing outside experience there was
4:10 a great freedom or taste if you like what you’ve just said with were going
4:19 with that expansion
4:22 yeah i think you said once in one of your books that a real body is
4:26 consciousness and some help to feel that that debt that there was nothing outside
4:32 of this
4:33 yes yes this is this is if you think of what we normally think of as the body we
4:38 think of it as a kind of capsule in which all our experience is contained
4:46 it’s it’s it’s it’s made out of the skin it’s a kind of container defined by the
4:52 skin in which experience takes place
4:55 what is the real container of our experience what desire experience really
5:02 appearing reward the thoughts really appear and have you ever has any
5:07 psychiatrist or urologist ever found a thought in a brain or a mind indeed have
5:12 they ever found a mine thoughts appear in awareness not in a brain sensations
5:22 appear in awareness not in a body in fact the body are our only experience of
5:27 the body is a sensation or for a perception so yet the true body in other
5:32 words the true container of our experience is pure consciousness that
5:39 this borderless field of pure knowing in which the landscape of experience
5:44 appears and ultimately when we go on and explore it more deeply
5:49 out of which it is made this somehow also seems to enable things to take
5:56 place to happen without interfering or without going or that that’s true that
6:03 this understanding then has a has a a visceral effect on the physical
6:09 experience of the body the body is is the talking out of their apparently
6:15 physical body Dutton it is relieved of some of extension because most of the
6:21 tensions at least those that are required for practical purposes most of
6:25 the bodies
6:26 tensions are due to the fact that they serve a self which is not there so when
6:37 this when that when the true and only self of pure knowing is discovered the
6:43 body is progressively and gradually relieved of this network of tensions and
6:48 contractions and it returns to its original state which is a state of
6:53 openness of sensitivity lovingness
7:05 I was I was had in mind the analogy of the fervor of the physical body if you
7:16 just lie on the beach and just leave it alone
7:19 you don’t have any it is no illusion about you are doing the breathing or
7:25 you’re moving the blood or anything else and it’s such a nice feeling that it can
7:32 work by itself but though when you refer to the the whole landscape there was a
7:39 similar feeling of of events and everything can work by itself isn’t
7:48 didn’t just think now of how many billions of activities are taking place
7:55 in your body
7:57 yes yes how many of those even from a conventional point of view
8:03 do you feel you control and even from the point of view of materialistic
8:10 science the the belief that we control what takes place in in the bodies is
8:17 absurd
8:17 now think of how many activities chemical activities and reactions are
8:23 taking place in this room let alone the whole world to thought that it took to
8:30 believe that those activities are controlled by herself that is made out
8:37 of a single thought and feeling or a network of thoughts and feelings and
8:41 minutes it’s just it’s absurd it’s and then that makes great sense of the of
8:50 your suggestion that you are just knowing if I heard you correctly yes
8:57 you’re just the knowing but that’s quite a lot to be
9:03 yes we say just that but it turns out that all anybody has ever experienced is
9:13 that knowing so although we say just the knowing that knowing in fact turns out
9:18 to be everything
9:20 yes yes that’s quite a lot to be to know oneself is that I mean have you ever
9:29 come in contact with anything other than the knowing of your experience this was
9:38 quite clear when you what you will lead us through this no no could you ever
9:46 come in contact with anything other than the knowing of your experience
9:50 no has anybody ever could anybody know all that has ever known is knowing and
9:58 it is knowing that nose knowing everything that is known everything is
10:06 contained in that is made out of that
10:10 and that knowing itself cannot be partitioned up we cannot be divided up
10:17 into selves or objects it’s one infinite dimension this indivisible field it’s
10:31 only thought that divides it into a multiplicity and diversity of objects
10:38 and selves and it is only from the point of view of one of those thought made
10:44 selves that there is a multiple psyllium diversity of objects and others with
10:52 that belief alone the happiness and the piece that are inherent in our true
10:57 nature is seemingly veiled and as a result the self that we believe and feel
11:03 yourself to be goes out into the world on a journey whose sole purpose is to
11:10 recover the peace and happiness that seems to be missing but the separate
11:16 self that goes out into the world in search of happiness is like the
11:19 character in the movie in search of the screen
11:27 there’s no chance of seeing this unless you resist nothing is a proposition
11:40 put it the other way around
11:43 see this and then see what happens to your resistance in other words don’t
11:48 make the absence of resistance of resistance a precondition for seeing
11:53 this just go directly there don’t worry about your resistance that’s why this is
11:57 called a direct path we just go straight to the heart of experience as directly
12:03 as we can and then from there we look back and say to your resistance
12:11 how can you stand now

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