Love – Rupert

Knowing is that stuff that all experience is made of but is not limited by any particular experience. In other words it has no limits. It is infinite. The experience is made out of one indivisible substance.


0:00 you said to leave a life that is inconsistent with it can be out
0:18 can you elaborate can you that is consistent with it yes can you talk a
0:23 bit more yes yes so we first of all realize there is experience there is the
0:31 knowing of experience there is just knowing knowing is that stuff that all
0:40 experiences made of but is not limited by any particular experience in other
0:45 words it has no limits it is infinite their experiences made out of one
0:51 indivisible substance it appears as a multiplicity and diversity of objects
1:00 themselves but if we explore that multiplicity in diversity we find this
1:06 single internet indivisible indestructible knowing so let’s take the
1:13 first implication of this or one implication of this this seem to be lots
1:24 of different selves all separate and finite and we seem to be one of those
1:29 selves but all those selves the knowing with which all those selves know their
1:39 experience is the same infinite indivisible knowing the name that each
1:47 of us gives to that is I this knowing this infinite knowing shines in each of
1:57 our finite minds as the knowledge I or I am
2:01 it means that the I that each of us refers to is the same I why we only have
2:08 one name for it
2:10 it’s why all seven billion of us call ourselves by the same name it is to
2:16 indicate that we are at the deepest level the same infinite indivisible
2:21 being the common name for this recognition the common words that we use
2:29 for this recognition is love love is the experience of our shared being so I’m
2:37 not talking of some extraordinary mystical experience that are few
2:42 rarefied people have it is something that everybody knows when we feel loved
2:49 do not feel to a greater or lesser extent that the distinctions and
2:54 separation between herself and the other dissolves is now what to be in love is
2:59 it is to be one with the other
3:03 that is not a an extraordinary feeling that comes up on us from time to time it
3:08 is actually the recognition of how things are it is the recognition that
3:12 the deepest level our minds share their being so that would be one implication
3:20 is that we know and therefore treat all others including all animals as our very
3:29 own self and we therefore treat them as we would want to be treated that has a
3:35 huge implication but then we don’t stop with animals or people and animals
3:43 because the the very being that all objects share is the same being that we
3:54 are
3:59 so we don’t just treat all others and animals as ourself we treat everything
4:06 that you see things objects don’t have their own existence or seeming things
4:21 borrow their apparent existent existence from God’s infinite being the same
4:27 infinite being from which each separate self borrows its self is so as the Sufi
4:37 say wherever the eye falls there is the face of God but the face of God is not
4:44 some extraordinary being external to us it is the very being shines at the heart
4:51 of each of our minds as the knowledge I or I am it is the light or the knowing
4:58 which illuminates all our experience and as all there is to experience is the
5:05 knowing of it it means God’s infinite being is the entirety of experience it
5:13 means everything or seeming things because there are no real things
5:18 separate or apart from God’s infinite being or infinite consciousness it means
5:24 all objects themselves are colorings of the same infinite consciousness and each
5:33 finite mind just brings a segment of that infinite consciousness into
5:38 manifestation so there are enormous implications just ask yourself whenever
5:47 you are thinking choosing relating acting and just check before you
5:56 continue with the nine of thinking the relationship the activity is this line
6:03 of thought is this activity I’m engaging in
6:08 is the quality of relationship I’m having with this person or animal or
6:13 object is it consistent with this deep feeling understanding that all objects
6:22 themselves share their b-day all essentially one and then if the answer
6:31 is yes then just continue with the activity the relationship thought but if
6:36 know rather than continue it
6:39 we should pause and check the premise of the thought of the activity or the
6:51 relationship is it coming from a sense of being a temporary finite limited
6:57 separate itself or is it a thought feeling activity or relationship that is
7:03 expressing the infinite reality at all experienced what the other side doesn’t
7:14 have this understanding
7:24 just keep going in the same way that doesn’t mean to say that we are now
7:41 ourselves to be mistreated or abused it doesn’t mean to say that if we see
7:49 something that we feel is not consistent with the orphaned understanding we just
7:57 passed by with a smile on our face
7:59 no we will respond moment-by-moment to the situation it doesn’t mean always
8:06 saying yes with a smile on our face
8:09 it’s necessary to say no and sometimes very firmly but whatever we say whatever
8:17 we do what if we think will be deeply informed by this feeling understanding
8:22 and then we
8:28 we tailor this understanding to each situation that arises including being
8:40 confronted by an apparent personal situation that doesn’t share this
8:47 understanding we do our best to respond appropriately and practically but our
8:55 responses informed by this understanding it might have to be a very firm response
9:08 sometimes when when my son was younger and I had tried every possible way to
9:17 get him to stop doing something that was inappropriate i would say to him
9:22 sweet if you do that once more i’m just going to lose it with you because it was
9:26 the only resource I had left and sure enough you would tempt me and he would
9:32 do whatever he was he was doing one more time I would lose it with him and it
9:39 would work was my was a kind of last resort that my losing it with him was an
9:49 expression of my deepest love and understanding i had tried everything
9:54 else i had tried all the reasonable ways explanation encouragement distraction i
10:00 had tried everything
10:01 there’s just nothing that was the only thing all that was left to me was to
10:06 lose it i would even warn him
10:08 I so dislike doing it it left such an impression on my body
10:15 let alone his having to lose it didn’t happen very often that i have to say was
10:20 very occasional open i would even warned him hoping and that might be enough you
10:26 remember last time I did this you hated you burst into tears you and he would
10:30 just go straight there again
10:33 but it was an experience an expression of my love

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